Law Enforcement

Special training concept for members of police or law enforcement either individually or in squads.

Furthermore, we offer special training for vulnerable occupational groups such as the fire service or paramedics. Some of our instructors have had decades of professional experience as members of the police or special units and in the training of security personnel.

According to various surveys, police and security personnel experience aggressive threats, hindrances, insults or even attacks at an increasing rate. The potential for violence rises worldwide, day by day!

React to the increasing violence and learn Krav Maga – the efficient self-defense system that is ideally suited to the challenges encountered on duty.

The Krav Maga law enforcement training is exclusively available on the request of police units. Only members of the police, law enforcement and security personnel are admitted.

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The number of violent attacks on police officers is increasing worldwide, day by day – are increasingly more police officers are confronted by this problem!

React to increasing violence and participate in our Krav Maga training which is ideally tailored to the challenges faced by law enforcement!
Geared to the specific requirements of officer-survival-training and under observance of statutory regulations, the Krav Maga LE training offers tactics for different scenarios.

Self-defense techniques and tactics are taught within the scope of the Krav Maga LE training. This includes e.g. close quarter training (CQB-training), when the firearm cannot be used and the training under adverse conditions “low light/no light” combined with arrest, detention and transport techniques.

The use of firearms as percussion instrument against one or several attacks will also be practiced during LE training, as well as the defense of knife attacks and firearm threats. Techniques for 3rd party protection will also be included in sessions. The training takes placed as part of the civil training and in special, closed training sessions.

The most recent law enforcement seminar took place at the end of October with about 30 participants – most of whom were police officers.

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The law enforcement training takes place as part of the civil Krav Maga sessions on a regular basis. LE participants receive different tactical solutions in attack or threat situations than civil participants. There will also be law enforcement seminars in irregular intervals for a closed user group. More information at