Civil Krav Maga

The Krav Maga system distinguishes itself by its proximity to reality. This is also conveyed in the training for civil Krav Maga.

Our institute does not only train in all positions (lying, standing, sitting), but also under all kinds of conditions (e.g. in the dark, in the forest, on concrete/asphalt). In general, the Krav Maga training teaches tactical behavior against individual or multiple attackers, in various surroundings and on different surfaces.

In addition, Krav Maga lessons prepare the trainees for actual situations involving immediate dangers and possible confrontations.

Try out Krav Maga today and book your trial – non-binding and free of charge.

Krav Maga is modern self-defense from Israel, which was originally developed for the IDF – Israeli Defense Forces and is now taught in the civil form by us in Cologne, Bonn or Rhine-Sieg.

By applying Krav Maga, everyone is able to defend themselves and other, regardless of age or gender. The system offers many defense techniques.

Since there are no rules when faced with real threats, Krav Maga is trained against one or several armed or unarmed attackers. “never give up” – no matter what happens – giving up is never an option!

The intuitive and therefore quick recalling of techniques and the effectiveness determine the success and the international spread of this unique self-defense system.

The Krav Maga training in Cologne, Bonn and Rhine-Sieg contains: Prevention, identification of risks, tactical retreats, throws and falls, attacks and counter-attacks from all closer distances and in all directions. The use of all possible objects and tools for purposes of defense.

The defense against all possible forms of unarmed attacks: punches, heat butts, throws, kicks and escape from joint locks and choking.The escape against armed attacks, tailored to the most common attacks in large cities such as Cologne or Bonn, for instance: against knifes but also against truncheons and baseballs bats. As well as different kinds of threat situations involving fire arms!

Our Krav Maga training with Chris and Carsten in Cologne and Bonn prepares the trainees for actual threat situations and possible confrontations in a realistic manner.

The highlight of our Krav Maga training is that we do not only train in the gym on mats, but also intend to make the training as realistic as possible! Besides special seminar themes such as the recent anti-car-jacking seminar or the Krav Maga bus defense seminar, our Rhine-Sieg location has a fully equipped bar which can be used for training!

In addition to our 780qm training facilities, there is a ca. 200qm bar and a 300qm room with pool tables that can be used for training. There is no better place for reality-based self-defense. Even the journey from Cologne or Bonn is worth the effort.

Students at the Bonn-Rhein-Sieg University can participate in our Krav Maga training sessions on Saturdays FOR FREE!

The training is only for students and limited to 20 participants. It is funded by the AstA of Bonn-Rhein-Sieg University.

In addition, we offer self-defense training for women in Troisdorf-Spich 1x a month.

The participation fee is already included in the membership. Participation is also possible without membership by participating in a seminar: Tickets and dates are available in our shop!

Krav Maga try outs are available in Cologne, Bonn and Rhine-Sieg without advance registration and free of charge!