Krav Maga Institute in the program “Taxes & Law” on N-TV

The news channel N-TV has aired parts of the Krav Maga training at the Krav Maga institute in Cologne in the program “Law and Taxes” with regard to the topic “legality of self-defense” in a short documentary about the Israeli self-defense system.

The short interview with the N-TV judicial expert from the German Lawyer Association, Ulrich Sommer, and the lead instructor of the Krav Maga institute, Carsten Draheim, discussed to which extent Krav Maga techniques can legally be used in attack and self-defense situations. In this respect, the motto of the defensive Krav Maga lesson “don’t get hurt” applies! The approved “fight or flight” principle is helpful in this regard; withstanding a situation unscathed by running away is surely by far the best solution. If that is not possible, you should defend yourself by all available means – for instance by using so-called “common objects” (in the TV program the blue chair), which can be used for your defense. Do not “freeze” under any circumstances, since surrender is never an option!