Krav Maga Military Training exclusively for soldiers of the Bundeswehr on a regular basis

Every second Monday of the month, we organize Krav Maga military training for members of the Bundeswehr in the barracks in NRW. For soldiers from other locations, the participation is possible with a troop ID card.

For Krav Maga Institute members, participation is also possible if members have a professional background, i.e. a service card!

Moreover, sporadic military trainings are also organized at other location of the Bundeswehr.

Military Krav Maga is the most traditional form of the modern close combat system, which was traditionally developed for the Israeli armed forces “IDF” and is today being used for the training of many special and military units.

If you want to learn more about military Krav Maga, there is further information available under the following link on our website: or at